A FORMULA 1 chassis fitted with OSMOS wheels has shown that experimentation and applications are numerous but are not limited to the field of competition.

At this stage, we can provide the details that confirm the three strong points of our product: Safety, Performance, Reliability.

Accurate steering : The increased precision is due to the use of the new front and rear wheel axles, with their large diameter bearings providing a high degree of resistance during tilt, and with the layout of the ball joints reducing the angle allowance.

Reduced forces and structural stress : In a traditional configuration, the dynamic forces acting at the tyre/road interface are increased in terms of torque and stress as they pass through the midwheel, thereby allowing an indirect passage. Up to now this has always been considered as unavoidable.
The advent of the orbital wheel means that these forces are transmitted directly to the suspended elements.

Reduced unsprung mass : The optimised front and rear axles specially designed to meet the new requirements will lead to a significant reduction in terms of unsprung mass: up to 40% compared with traditional systems.

Braking efficiency : LThe use of single or multiple peripheral ring brakes opens up the possibility of producing lightweight wheels with a higher capacity for absorbing kinetic energy due to a large nominal diameter and virtually unlimited ventilation.

Rigidity and Solidity : The new front and rear heel axles provide excellent rigidity (a more "rational" layout of parts, elimination of give and structural strain). The forces, no longer amplified by complex chanelling, are transmitted directly. The unit as a whole is perfectly solid.

Resistance to wear : The reduction of specific pressure means that the bearings in particular will be extremely long-lasting: up to 100,000 km.

Future developments : Future tests on operating prototypes will enable the performance of the original orbital wheel systems to be checked.
There is no doubt that the field of application will be extended as long as there are design engineers engaged in finding new sources of inspiration.

Objective: to create an extremely visual impact. Success exceeded all the hopes.
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